Almost Homemade

Homemade cakes and cupcakes - just not by you!


AH offers homemade cakes and cupcakes to suit any theme or occasion.  Made with wholesome, natural ingredients, and lots of love, these yummy creations taste as good as they look and are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. 

Cake flavors: chocolate; chocolate chocolate chip (the most requested flavor); vanilla; vanilla chocolate chip; carrot; peanut butter; peanut butter chocolate chip; banana; banana chocolate chip; lemon; lemon poppy seed; lemon blueberry; red velvet (or any color "velvet" you would like); French toast; S'mores; raspberry chocolate chip; lemonade; or any of your favorites! Surprises like polka dots, Oreo cookies, rainbows, sprinkles, stripes, fruit preserves, fresh fruit, etc. can be baked into the cake for an additional $5.

Icing flavors: chocolate buttercream (milk, dark or somewhere in between); vanilla buttercream (white or colored to match your theme); banana; peanut butter; marshmallow; cream cheese.

Timing: as much notice as you can give is best to secure the date, with a minimum of two weeks to allow for the ordering of special ingredients or decorations, if necessary. 

Delivery: limited local delivery is available.

Allergies: all cakes and cupcakes can be made in the following allergy-friendly ways: gluten-free; egg-free; dairy-free; soy-free; nut-free; sesame-free.  Allergy-friendly products are baked in isolation (nothing else is baked at the same time), using separate equipment.

**All cupcakes and cakes are "school-friendly".**

**If the guest of honor has allergies, there are a few options: cupcakes (with an allergy-friendly cupcake for your child); the cake can be tiered, with the top tier being allergy-friendly (it would be separated from the next tier by a cake board);a small allergy-friendly cake with coordinating cupcakes for the guests; and of course the entire cake can be allergy-friendly.** 

**If the guest of honor does not have allergies, but a guest does, I can make a coordinating cupcake for the guest with the allergies.**

Additionally, all cakes and cupcakes can also be created to be: organic (cake, icing, and food coloring are all organic, organic decorations used when available); low-fat; kosher (kosher ingredients, not oven); or any combination of these adjustments at additional cost. Only unbleached flour is always used.


Muffins, cookies, brownies, breads, and specialty items (ie: Nanaimo) bars are also available for school parties, bake sales, or for you to enjoy at home.  These items can also be made allergy-friendly.