Almost Homemade

Homemade cakes and cupcakes - just not by you!


Pricing varies from order to order, so please call or email to discuss pricing of your specific request.  Here are some examples of prices for cakes and cupcakes shown in the photo gallery:

                   Cakes start at $100. 

Standard Cupcakes: $4 each, minimum order of 6.  Add $1 each for specialty (allergy-friendly) cupcakes

Specialty standard cupcakes (gluten-free, etc.): $4 each, minimum of 6.

Mini cupcakes: $3 each, minimum order of 12.  Add $1 each for specialty (allergy-friendly) cupcakes

                   Coordinating cupcakes: $4 - these are individual cupcakes created to meet the dietary needs of individual guest(s). The cupcake is not simply iced the same color, but decorated to match the cake.  An example from the photo gallery: an egg-free owl cupcake was created for a guest at the party where the owl cake was served.   


Payment options: checks and cash are accepted.