Almost Homemade

Homemade cakes and cupcakes - just not by you!

I am Jodi, and I created "Almost Homemade".  I am a mother of two little girls in Bedford Hills, New York, and a divorce lawyer by profession.  I started this business because I absolutely love to bake (baking with my daughters is one of my favorite things), and because I was disappointed with cakes I had bought from fancy bakeries for my older daughter's first two birthdays.  I felt that the cakes were too "done", not homey or meaningful or fun, nor did I know what was in them (and that was a huge problem since I am obsessive about what I feed my family).  So I started making my own cakes and cupcakes.  Whatever my daughters wanted for their birthdays or school events, I would create with love and wholesome, natural ingredients.  Then I started making cakes for my friends' children and now I would love to create cakes and cupcakes for you.